Saturday, September 6, 2008

Charles & Ray Eames Postage Stamps

GG Central's current official stamp(s). There are 16 to a sheet & are on sale now, at postal offices & on-line, too. Choose a different one to suit a mood or a recipient. They remind GG's editor of Gina & Franco of Pittsburgh...they introduced GG's editor to all things snazzy in design & had many Eames-ish furnishings (& still do--timeless stuff). They also introduced us to all things Italian. Franco is an architect & a maestro in the giardino. Gina is a maestra in all things alla cucina, literature, culture (high & pop). G&F were a tremendous influence on GG's editor as a teenager & beyond.

Ciao-meow, baci, to all!
xoxo, GG