Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scots we like...Annie Lennox

Well, we're hardly going to post "Scots we detest," are we? (You never know.) GG & her editor play Medusa often & last night we got to thinking about Petula Clark's Downtown (GG's favorite pop song) as a corollary to Downtown Lights. And no, we aren't going to deconstruct it. Just a thought. Both are heartbreaking in wildly different ways.

As Annie is so very cool & stylish & arty, we knew there'd be a ton of pix on the web from which to choose. However, we vastly overestimated the amount of time we'd have today--so this is necessarily brief. Annie was named the Glamour Woman of the Year for Inspiration 2008 (UK); we couldn't agree more. She also advocates on behalf of Darfur & children elsewhere in the world & for that we are so grateful.

Have a great evening... xoxo, GG's editor