Friday, September 12, 2008

Isabel's Birthday Berry Trifle

Happy Birthday, Bella Isabel!

It is just like our dear friend, the sophisticated September-born Isabel, to have berry trifle for her birthday instead of the expected. GG Central has about 5,000 pix of Isabel & wouldn't you know it, we're in the midst of a reorganization of all photos. (Out-of-date, slapdash collage will be replaced in a break with GGCM editorial policy.)

Also, we owe an apology to the lovely Imogen, Isabel's sister pictured in the Christmas photo, as her birthday was last week. GG's editor promises to get back up to speed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a wonderful evening & weekend to Isabel, Imogen, & their parents K&J. We'll publish K's personal berry trifle recipe soon, along with an all-about-Nigella post.

xoxo, baci, & happy birthday, darlings!
GG & her overworked editor