Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A peaceful Wednesday at the Phillips with GG

We wish we could go to the Phillips but can't tomorrow. This is last autumn's magazine cover...our membership lapsed in the spring. Still it is pretty. GG's editor has many maxims, one being..."nothing bad can happen to you in the Phillips..." Its true!

So if you are in the Washington, DC-area take yourself to the Phillips. It's great with someone, but eminently suitable for a date with yourself. (No need for membership to see the permanent collection for free/small donation)... after that, go into the shop...lovely art stickers for about $1.25...postcards (they sell stamps, too), a petit riens.

Then go to the café & write postcards, or in your journal, or people watch. It's open until 4pm.

If you should happen upon a long-legged, pink-nosed ginger & white cat wearing a chic moss-colored cotton collar, tell GG to return home pronto. She's plotting a trip, it's quite obvious. She's rifling through the art books of late--especially those from the Phillips. You will most likely run into the bohemian GG in the café; she aspires to hold a weekly salon at GG Central & GG Central Management has not made a decision yet.

Have a great Wednesday, whatever you do.

Ciao, xoxo, GG's editor