Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GG Celebrates Owain Glyndwr

GG is not sure how to celebrate other than watch her editor eat some leeks. There's been a movement afoot in Wales for some time to have an official Owain Glyndwr holiday.

Anyone who is mad for romances & things medieval will love this...GG Central isn't as keen for this as some, but acknowledging one's roots now & again is fun; and St. David's Day (1 March) if a long way off.

This is from the Owain Glyndwr Society/Cymdeithas Owain Glyndwr bilingual site. So eat a leek (not only French women eat leeks!), & cheers to Owain.

"OWAIN GLYNDWR had no need to rebel. He was a wealthy landowner married into a noble family and led a comfortable existence. But something stirred him into rebellion and he is one of Wales's most romantic and famous icons nearly 600 years after the start of his campaign.

The rebel Prince was recently voted the seventh most influential figure of the millennium in a worldwide poll of politicians and academics, such is his legacy and impact on Wales today"....read more....

xoxo, cariad