Thursday, September 4, 2008

GG, Petula, Julie, & Petulia...Downtown

GG heard the song Downtown for the first time this afternoon; she perked right up in our 90+ degree heat. The American version of Colour My World was the first album GG's editor bought all on her own; it took so long to save up those pennies. Her mum had The Beatles, Stones, et al, the LP with Downtown had already been toted to the States from the UK.

GG's editor & her cousin Sabrina spent a good deal of the summer playing sweet Petula AND bad boy Mick & friends, & of course: The Beatles.

A meeting downtown tomorrow about Darfur. That's all that can be said, but it's disheartening. Hence, the sudden inspiration to download (on dial-up!) Downtown. GG Central now has four whole songs on its iTunes playlist. Yes, we're that poor! (Oh, it was only 99 cents....a petit riens is necessary.)

Just hearing Downtown reminded us that GG is named after two British Julies who were icons in the GG Central family: Christie & Andrews. A perfect combination. GG's human grandmother is a major film fan & anything with Julie Christie definitely fits the bill. Our baby sister was nearly named Petulia. Which we think would have been just fabulous.

TTFN, darlings!
xoxo, GG & her editor