Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture: Watch it Again

Randy Pausch died a week ago as this is written. Thinking ahead, of the months to come & all there is to do & wondering if it can be accomplished, Giulia & her editor think that it will be very useful for the video to pop up unexpectedly just before "official" fall begins. (We'll forget that this is scheduled for weeks from now). Randy generously granted free access to the video, & huge amounts of info on his web sites (check out The Alice Project here); many lovely people have translated the lecture into their languages. Here is a link to the Italian translation. Using Randy's link, it is possible to obtain the video with English & German subtitles, an Arabic translation & by the time this posts, probably in 30+ languages. Fantastic.

It's late July & this post is scheduled for 2 September 2008. That always seems like the true new year...school, fresh projects, the harvest, the whole bit. This year, it's even more important because of the upcoming election. Go Obama!


xoxo, GG Central