Monday, September 8, 2008

A little Provence, a little Silver Spring

Bread, some Fourme d’Ambert, mixed with a bit of sweet butter, nuts, olives, & a slightly chilled dry rosé make for a lovely late summer’s evening. (It’s still summer as far as GG Central is concerned.) Above is a label from a bottle we enjoyed last summer…nothing fancy, just right.

GG Central’s friend Bibi came to dinner a few weeks ago. She brought a delicious rosé, a Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, ‘Sabine,’2007 (Syrah/Grenache). It’s very affordable, so run out & get some if you can. GG’s editor served rare slices of magret on wild greens, cannellini vinaigrette…The delicious wine (& grand company) kept us at the table long into the evening.

Tonight, a different sort of Provencal evening; some lavender bath gel & a smidge of L’Occitane lavender hand cream. Stress in GG Central continues. The Bach Rescue Remedy is not enough, so we’re calling in Provencal lavender reinforcements. The good work of the L’Occitane Foundation also conjures soothing thoughts.

Though GG has lots of work tomorrow, she’s looking forward to seeing two of her favorite people, Isa & her bambino, le petit P.

Two weeks ago, GG’s editor & Isa had fun watching P. bravely encounter the Silver Spring fountain. That’s him in the photo above, performing with the dancing waters…he’s adorable & already has his maman's panache…especially when he speaks Franglais. GG’s editor delights in the honorific ‘Tata’ to this petit lapin.

GG pouted as she was left behind. GG's editor has decided that as soon as appropriate accessories are in hand (halter, lead), GG can make some field trips. For that, we must borrow a camera!

Sweet dreams, nos amis.

Bisou, xoxo, GG