Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scarf Chic, la première partie

A little fashion relief for a messy world.

GG's editor is just sick at the nastiness she's hearing from the non-illustrious Rudi G. on a podium tonight. Take it from GG Central: don't listen to hate. Hate makes people into complete idiots.

The scarf at top is from Paris & was a gift to GG's editor from a friend's great aunt; she bought it herself in Paris in the late 1940s. GG's editor wore it several times a week with her jeans & one of about three sweaters when she was a student in Strasbourg. (Everyone wore jeans, mostly.) Sometimes, she wore it atop her head as she pedalled home near the Rhine--past flocks of really angry geese. Flying on her vélo, sometimes one or both ballerinas (shoes, not dancers:) also went flying. (It was Strasbourg, so she didn't blame those geese a bit for their peevishness, perhaps knowing their gruesome fate.)

Bonne nuit, bisou, baci, xoxo, GG

PS: Dreams of Hermes....pourquoi pas? Just one?!