Friday, September 5, 2008

GG Gourmet Central's Collector's Issues - Paris

GG's editor was so happy to see a new Gourmet Collector's Edition at the newsstand--it cheered her right up. (Of course, we always buy the Rome & Italian issues, if we're not subscribing that year.) The last Paris issue we can find in the apartment is the one pictured above, from 2001. Gorgeous recipes in there, as well. We'll print some of the ones we make regularly in the next few weeks.

Paris Breakfasts artist extraordinaire, macaron-obssessed Carol Gillott must be happy, about the new issue of Gourmet, as well. (We haven't seen the blog in a few days.) There are some good variations on a classic macaron recipe, if you're so inclined. GG is dreaming of slinking (she is a cat, after all) in to Ladurée (any of the shops), ah. GG is dreaming of being in Paris (or Strasbourg), Rome or Naples, period. Macaron or gelato, it doesn't really matter--how about both?!

Bon weekend, darlings!
xoxo, GG Central