Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Javier Bardem & The Invisibles

Message from GG Central. "Stars" don't take up a lot of our thinking time but...GG's editor admits to being excited about a screening (10 September 2008 in Washington, DC) of the Javier Bardem-produced film, "Invisibles." GG was furious at the lack of an invitation; she was somewhat mollified by the "ghastly oversight explanation." Phew. Now, GG's editor just needs to think about which scarf to wear with her one dress--yikes. (I know! But GG's editor also reads fashion & style magazines...don't judge, dears. Diana Vreeland reminded us that other people have to look at us, after all.)

Here is Anderson Cooper's report for 60 Minutes ("The War Against Women In Congo") & a link to the courageous work of Women for Women (WFW), as well.

Please visit the Enough Project to learn what you can do (more than you think) & to read about the film. Enough has excellent position papers & advocacy tools available for Darfur & Southern Sudan, Chad, Somalia, & northern Uganda. Do what you can--every little bit helps!

Ciao-meow, bisou, baci, darlings!
xoxo, GG's editor